Data Sheet For Boarders

Please complete this form or print and mail the PDF version prior to your pet’s kennel stay.
PDF Data Sheet for Boarders
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I certify that I am the owner of the pet or pets listed above. I hereby grant permission to Soothing Touch Pet Care LLC, to act in my behalf, and in my pet's best interest, by obtaining veterinary care at my expense, if deemed necessary, for illness or injury.

I agree to pay for all veterinary and other necessary services incurred by and for my pet during its stay in this facility.

Soothing Touch Pet Care LLC agrees to exercise all due and reasonable care to prevent injury or illness to my pet. However, in the event of illness or injury, the owners, and employees of Soothing Touch Pet Care LLC shall not be held personally liable for such illness or injury.

I hereby state that all medical and behavioral conditions listed above have been diagnosed or consulted on with/by a veterinarian. By signing this release, I do hereby waive and release Soothing Touch Pet Care LLC from all liability: Past, Present, and Future.

I agree to pay all charges on the date of pick up or return of my pet.