Soothing Touch Pet Care Training Center

Puppy and Adult Dog Training.  Problem Solving.  Private Lessons.  Behavior Issues.

We have multiple secure outdoor training areas, from 5,000 to 43,000 square feet.
Great for teaching off leash control, recall games, fetch, catch that disc, hide-n-seek, silly obstacles, urban herding, and many other games.

We specialize in retraining and rehabilitating dogs that have been rescued, come from a shelter, or just seem uncomfortable around other dogs, people, or new situations.

We use reward based training. Your pet will learn to connect with and follow you without the use of shock or other horrid punishment training methods.



Digging Dogs Training Center

Private and Group Lessons available in our 6,400 square foot, climate controlled, training center.

Located in Mentor, Ohio Digging Dogs offers:

Obedience for Puppies and Adult dogs, Rally, Agility, Therapy Dog, Conformation, Family Pet, Confident Canine, Tricks and Games, Nose Work Fun, & Urban Herding.

Visit our web site for additional information or call 440-354-6000.